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Nathan Foxx Voiceovers

Chattanooga, TN based radio raconteur

I am a radio broadcasting professional with twenty five years of on-air experience.  Eventually, I will post extensive airchecks, new and old, from my broadcasting days, and will begin a podcast of some sort.  Meantime, enjoy the audio below, and don't ever forget to smile.  Or not...what the hell do I care?  Let me add also that I have a top notch studio in my home, and am available to help with your project!

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Nathan Foxx Aircheck

This is from the public airwaves of KZ106, "Chattanooga's Classic Rock Station," and WGOW FM, "The Talk Monster."  I started my career back in 1994, Jackson, Mississippi on a 50,000 watt AM NewsTalk station, broadcasting morning news and co-hosting a morning show.  I have been a DJ in Country, Soft AC, Alternative Rock, and Classic Rock formats.  I have been a News Director, Program Director, Operations Manager, and have produced hundreds of spots.  I also had a gig broadcasting live traffic updates every weekday afternoon on four different radio stations, so multitasking is not unfamiliar to me, to say the least. 

This aircheck is a brief overview.  It is an introduction, so if you would like more on my personality (personalities?) please click on the Tradio episodes.


Nathan Foxx's Tradio

Tradio was a Saturday morning swap shop, airing for almost eight years on WGOW FM in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I started in with the comedy bits as filler material, and they began to take on a life of their own.  Yep, I had created a crude, politically incorrect monster from the darkest recesses of my psyche, waking people up all over the Tennessee Valley in a manner that would have done any 1980s shock jock proud.  You are about to hear two "Best of Tradio" shows (minus the spot breaks) recorded from the public airwaves of WGOW, originally broadcast in late 2016.  If you are not easily offended, click and enjoy!  If you are, this is your only warning.

I miss the laughter, the creative writing, and the accolades.  Regarding the voice characterizations, they are all still in my head.  Medication helps.


Recording Studio

Hire Nathan Foxx for your project

My aircheck indicates that I can DJ at your music station or create straight spots, and the Tradio broadcast indicates I have a talent for voices and comedy writing.  How about voice tracking, or unique imaging?  I am an experienced broadcaster; let's talk!


Kick in if you are so inclined...

...and even if you are not inclined to donate for website expenses, you should do so anyway.  They told me you were nice, generous to a fault, and very giving.  Did they lie to me about you?  No, of course not.  So, "tip the barber," as you hear all the time (or would if it was 1948) and feel good that you have helped in my creative endeavors.  Your generous PayPal donation of five dollars, ten dollars, or even 900 dollars will help me pay domain expenses, buy much needed microphone polish, and pay for the studio I built in my basement to produce more audio madness.  Thanks for surfing by!

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"I am a throwback to a better time, when radio was fun.  Hey, program directors:  gig me!"

Nathan Foxx

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